Caster Concepts Launches Official Conveyor Concepts Website

May 15, 2012 By: Bill Dobbins

ALBION, Mich. - Caster Concepts, Inc., an industrial caster and wheel manufacturer, launched today as the official website for its newest business venture Conveyor Concepts. The new site will be dedicated to products developed and manufactured by Conveyor Concepts using Caster Concepts' core competencies. "I am excited about sharing this part of our business with the entire world" said Caster Concepts President and CEO, William Dobbins. "We have worked with a variety of conveyor manufacturers over the past 10 years and have developed significant expertise in the design and manufacture of these components. We look forward to the company’s [...]

Caster Concepts Announces Conveyor Business

May 1, 2012 By: Bill Dobbins

ALBION, Mich. - Caster Concepts, Inc., manufacturer of heavy duty industrial casters and wheels, is pleased announce today the addition of Conveyor Concepts to its family of businesses. Conveyor Concepts manufactures specialized components for the conveyor industry, including: conveyor rollers, drive assemblies, polyurethane wheels and many other related products. Built on Caster Concepts' custom manufacturing experience, Conveyor Concepts provides conveyor manufacturers and OEM designers quality subassemblies with short lead times. "I am very excited about this new product group," said President and CEO Dr. William Dobbins. "If you understand the core competencies of this unique business you will understand our [...]