Does Made in the USA Really Mean Anything Or Is It Just A Slogan?

Polyurethane Conveyor Roller

The term Made in the USA can mean many things but for most people it signifies that a product is fully manufactured in the United States. While it is not a deciding factor for everyone when making purchases, for many it is an important factor.

Purchasing items made in the USA can help drive our economy. It keeps our currency in circulation within our country rather than being spent overseas for products and supplies. Furthermore, products made in the USA support the American job market. By buying American made products, you are supporting businesses that hire Americans to work in America, and who spend their wages in America. While other countries may lack in labor laws, the United States has set minimum wages and restrictions on hours worked, also age minimums. Other countries may hire minors, pay next to nothing, and/or have their employees in less than desirable locations/conditions, but by purchasing products made in the USA consumers are supporting American standards.

These standards are also shown in the goods produced. Cost is frequently a driving force in purchasing decisions; however, you do get what you pay for. While foreign products are able to keep prices down at the cost of their employees and standards; American manufactures strive for high quality product that exceeds expectations. While a consumer may save money on the first purchase, is it really savings when they’re making multiple foreign purchases each year compared to one domestically made purchase? This may not be true in all cases, but it is a common occurrence.

American manufacturers also provide a higher level of customer care. If something fails or breaks it is unlikely that a representative of a foreign company will get on a plane and travel to the consumer’s location. A domestic manufacturer on the other hand is capable of such a trip and values the customer relationship. That relationship fuels their business and allows them to expand and hire more Americans.

There are companies that use the term Made in the USA more loosely than others and treat it like a slogan. Such as companies that purchase import product and assemble it domestically. Conveyor Concepts prides itself in manufacturing product Made in the USA.

For those consumers that pride themselves in supporting our local economy and individual growth, Made in the USA isn’t a slogan, it’s the right choice.

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