Do You Have A High Temperature Industrial Caster Application?

Caster bearings for high heat applications.

Many customers need a high temperature industrial wheel applications for use in harsher environments such as autoclaves.  Wheel material and lubrication are important factors in specifying the correct industrial wheel, but in order to provide the proper bearing in a high temperature application it is important to understand the application, how the wheel will be used, and the extreme temperature rating.

Questions to specify the correct bearing may include:


  • What is the temperature range? (lowest and highest)
  • How long will the wheel be exposed to the high temperature?
  • What is the maximum weight capacity required? (heat will affect both the wheel and bearing capacity)
  • Is it a harsh environment where dirt and debris can get into the bearing?
  • Is this a new application or what is not working with the current wheel that you are using?

Options can vary from roller bearings, ball bearings and tapered bearings in ranges at or below 300° F.  Bronze sleeves inserted in the bore of the wheel can also act as a bearing in temperatures ranging from 600-700° F. The challenge with this approach is that the bronze bearing will decrease roll-ability by at least 50%.

Remember that having all the application specifications is critical when requesting a high temp wheel quote so that the proper caster, wheel material and bearings can be recommended.

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